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Yoga Teacher Treating

1st July 2024 - 21st July 2024 - 200h

Become a yoga teacher in paradise

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As an immersion program, you will be training 6 days a week with 1 day off to enjoy the local area.

Each class is engaging, dynamic and designed to provoke critical thinking as we unpick and explore the body, mind and spirit where Science meets spirituality!

  • Start your Yoga journey with a deep exploration into Yin & Vinyasa Yoga


  • A bespoke, professional curriculum where Science meets spirituality


  • Focussed on application of skills and knowledge to create confident & knowledgeable teachers


  • Learn the art of sequencing, self mastery, Yogic philosophy, Anatomy and physiology of the asanas, The Science of Yoga + so much more...


Barefoot Yoga School

Barefoot Yoga School is a purpose built institution based in Byron Bay, Australia.


They focus on the full spectrum of Yoga, translated from India and applied to our modern day.


At the core of their curriculum is the application of knowledge & skills, ensuring a quality focussed training and unforgetable experience.

They guarantee professional, friendly and internationally recognised certifications as a Registered training provider with Yoga Alliance International.

Adam Kaoullas

Lead Trainer of Anatomy & Yin, Co-owner, Chinese Medicine practitioner, rehabilitation specialist, 500HR ERTY

As a retired professional athlete, Adam brings a fascinating perspective on the power of the mind and body. He is now leading Yoga & breathwork trainings internationally.



As a specialist in Anatomy & physiology, trained acupuncturist and chinese medicine practitioner, he brings a fascinating perspective to the program.


Jessica Martin Jones

Lead trainer of Philosophy and Eastern practice, Co-owner, Nutritionist, Psychophysiologist, 1000HRS YT, 500HR ERTY

With over 1000 hours of Yoga and Meditation teacher training under her belt, Jess offers groundbreaking perspectives on Eastern philosophy which she weaves throughout her teaching.

As a qualified counsellor Jess is further able to shine a light on the mind - body connection & trauma-informed  Yoga and Meditation teaching.


Come join us at The Nuga House and learn about yoga, life and the art of effective communication on one of our limited capacity accredited teacher training.

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