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Imagine yourself on a tropical island, surrounded by the jungle, coconut trees on a white sanded beach and the Ocean at your doorstep.

Yoga. Healthy Food. Like-minded community. Beach time. And plenty of time to rest and explore our beautiful surroundings.

Recharge and reset with daily yoga practice, journaling, breathwork, surfing, sunset meditations, long walks on the beach and more.

This retreat is much more than just another holiday, it's an opportunity for reconnection with yourself and to inspire living life with lightness and joy. 


This retreat is promises to be a nutrition to your body and soul. 



Surf, Yoga & Personal Development Retreat

Karol de Souza Yoga School

24 - 30 March 2024

Karol de Souza 

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Yoga & Art Retreat


10 - 17 February 2024

Spend 8 days and 7 days with us at the villa Venus in Sri Lanka. Our first gathering as a community where we will grow and connect together through ancestral practices.


Price Includes: 7 breakfasts and 3 dinners, yoga and meditation classes, yogic philosophy, Asana and pranayama workshops, self discovery and introspection through journaling and movement, symbology and creativity workshop and tribal tattoo (handpoked technique) as an option to end a beautiful week together


Karol has been teaching yoga, running and directing her own Yoga & Personal Development retreats in Europe and around the world since 2017. Karol teaches the art of creative and intuitive Vinyasa Flow, Pranyama, Yoga Alignment and also incorporates other tools to Personal Development to her retreat experiences; like journaling, breath work sessions, dynamic workshops in Nlp and more.


After years travelling and teaching around the world Karol has settled in a small coastal town in Portugal, where she offer other retreats also. Besides being a dedicated Yoga teacher she's also an enthusiastic vegan food chef, a passionate surfer, world traveller and nature lover.

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Flo Aloha Yoga

Our cofounder Flo is originally from Seville (Spain) although she has been living among Central America, Asia & Europe since a very young age, and very recently in Australia.
In 2013, while working and studying in Scotland, a friend took her to a yoga class for the first time and since then, she has never stopped practicing. 

For her, the main purpose of the asana practice is working towards awareness and equanimity, while being loving & compassionate to our bodies, minds and all beings  , in order to experience freedom and creativity in and out of the mat. Over the years she realized that yoga philosophy and meditation were what really helped her to understand her mind and our ultimate purpose in life; being love and compassion the answer to absolutely everything Therefore, she shares this ancestral practice so others can also connect with the love within them and live life to the fullest!


She will guide us during our next retreat through her passion so you can go deeper or start your yoga journey 

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Yoga  Retreat


12-18 February 2024

Surrounded by the most beautiful surf beaches of Sri Lanka, our retreat is located on the coast of Ahangama. With its pool, spacious rooms and direct proximity to the beach (100m), Nuga House immediately invites you to feel at home. Each room has its own terrace or garden access. Learn more about the yoga philosophy in our retreat and how to build a safe, own yoga practice and establish it at home. Come surf with us, drink coconuts and enjoy the sun's rays on your skin.

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Wood and Sand Yoga

We are Ronja and Valerie, the two founders of our holistic community "Wood and Sand".  As a duo we want to share with you our yoga and meditation practice and encourage you to discover your own personal practice.

Valerie Schmack.

Valerie's flair and fascination for the small details is not only evident in her yoga classes. As the creative mind behind our duo, she draws her inspiration from other cultures and connecting with nature.

Ronja Müller

As a ray of sunshine, she takes her strength from movement and nature. Ronja's warm-hearted personality takes you right along with her. Always full of energy and new surprises, she helps you go beyond your own limits.



Yoga  Retreat

 7- 14  April 2024

Our Retreat in Sri Lanka has everything that you desire in your one-week getaway to a tropical island!


Waves for everyone: Beginner & Intermediate


Whether you want to relax, read your book by the beach, have a dance, swim in the pool, get fit &  healthy, step into a new version of yourself or even enjoy a cocktail with all the girls!

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Our Story

Gypsie and Rina's friendship blossomed in 2021 at a once in a life time sailing experience to Scott's Reef off Broome, WA. We spent 2 weeks together, helping out on a private boat charter to surf, spear and free-dive. 


On this trip, we recognised that we both shared a powerful passion towards bringing women together to create a safe space and dedicated time to disconnect from the daily grind.


Back in Exmouth we spent weeks re-aligning our ideas to birth Gypsea Retreats. Our desire is to provide women with opportunities to recharge the body, mind, and soul with positive energy and reconnect with themselves.


Come join us at The Nuga House and learn about yoga, life and the art of effective communication on one of our limited capacity accredited teacher training.

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