At Nuga House you can find a wide range of organic and local products. We use these products for our delicious meals but some of these are available also in our shop! (last minute presents anyone?)

As yogi and surfers we know the importance of using high-protein ingredients and super foods products as moringa powder or spirulina go give you that boost of energy to get the best of your day.

As a business based in Sri Lanka we do our best to support the local comunities by using local ingredients and products as much as possible.


The Nuga House is a unique boutique hotel in the heart of Kabalana Beach - one of the most sought after surfing spots in all Sri Lanka.


The Nuga House has been built around the Holy Nuga Tree, a beautiful creation of Mother Earth that encompasses the calming and empowering spirit of yoga, surfing, and wellbeing.


All travelers that come to witness the vibrations of this place share a deep connection with Nature. ​ 



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The Nuga House

Kabalana, Weli Road

Ahangama West, Sri Lanka

Tel +94 78 874 2962

Email: thenugavillas@gmail.com

Insta: @thenugahouse

Insta: @magali.yoga

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